Terms of Service

Refund Policy

You may request a refund of your purchase if you meet the following conditions:

  • Less than 14 days have passed since the purchase was made
  • You have not viewed the livestream/video
  • Your on-demand key has not expired

We may also issue refunds if the quality of the source livestream content drops below acceptable levels for a substantial period of time or if a substantial portion of the livestream is missing.

You may request a refund of your donation if you make the request within 14 days of the payment being processed.

Access Keys

You are prohibited from distributing access keys publicly. Legal action may be taken if this condition is broken. You will be prevented from watching the livestream/video if the access key is already in use on another device.


Messages in the livestream chat may be removed at any time if deemed offensive or inappropriate by the event’s account operator or our system administrators. You may also be blocked from posting further messages in the chat for the same reasons.

Streaming Content

Synchronisation rights are the sole responsibility of the event organisers. Streamed content falls under copyright law and is to not be distributed. Grape Livestreams is registered with APRA AMCOS.

Account Payment

Payouts to the account operator for livestreams that are not available on-demand may take 10-14 business days to process. For livestreams that are available on demand payouts will be given on a monthly basis.


The Grape Livestreams logo and The Grape Organisation logo are the property of The Grape Organisation Pty Ltd. You are not to infringe on trademark or copyright law in regards to these properties.